Project of the house in 17a Mashynobudivnykiv Street, Vyshneve, Kyiv Region

Project of the house in 17a Mashynobudivnykiv Street, Vyshneve, Kyiv Region
Development indicators:
Site plot, hectares: 1,033
House area, square meters: 3015,35
Number of apartments: 306
Total area of the apartments, square meters: 20060
Total area of the nest nonresidential space (ground floor), square meters: 1350

The project of the house in 17a Mashynobudivnykiv Street has helped to solve several goals at once. It was necessary to use the given plot of land and to propose comfortable conditions both in the house itself and in the court to the future dwellers. The place for this house has been chosen perfectly as it is located in the city center district with the well-developed infrastructure. There is a school, a kindergarten, a market and a mall nearby. Here is a convenient public and rail transport road interchange, and it takes only 30 – 45 minutes to get to Kyiv central districts by car. The issue of developing suburbs and their housing stock becomes more and more urgent in the time of the impetuous rates of the megacities development.

Our architects buckled down the project of the dwelling house after receiving the order. They skillfully made play with the originality of this plot by taking the mathematical sign (integral) as a basis. Due to this the all-round view on the nearby church, lake and green lawns of this territory opens on the both sides of the house. The architectural design workshop aimed at harmonious combination of the existing buildings with the modern dwelling house. The range of colors of the applied materials was chosen thoroughly. And now the outer facade of the building attracts attention of the passers-by. Projecting the central court, sport and children playgrounds of the housing estate has been the main task of the architectural workshop.

Nonresidential space for offices and shops are located on the ground floor. While projecting the dwelling house the architects have planned to build the parking lot for 60 cars and arrange space for the temporary car parking far from the recreation places of the dwellers.

The housing estate consists of five 14 – 16-storey residential sections. All apartments are projected with taking into consideration the modern standards. The norms for multistorey buildings have been strictly observed during the construction activities. This house has a horizontal heating system which allows the dwellers to choose the temperature regimes in their apartments on their own that helps to save energy. The architectural workshop has paid a special attention to the communication system. All 306 apartments are comfortable and convenient. The emergency and fire security norms have been observed.    

Project of the house in 17a Mashynobudivnykiv Street, Vyshneve, Kyiv Region