Construction of two storey dwelling house with a balcony and garage on the street. Dragomanov, 141 in Brovary Kyiv region

Indicators of development:
Yard area, ha.: 0,10
Built-up area, м2: 221,11
Floors, fl.: 2
Area of ​​a residential building, m2: 340,24
Area summer premises, m2: 6,77
Total area, м2: 347,01

A project of construction of the house, designed for year-round use. Provides a large area of glazing. Sun protection is provided through the windows and canopies canopy roof. For summer holidays designed spacious summer terrace on the second floor - balconies.

When drafting the two-story house with a sloping roof into account the requirements of the owners to the comfort of the interior layout of premises. On the ground floor there is an entrance hall, garage, living room, kitchen. In the second a bedroom, nursery and bathroom.
Completed residential project in accordance with the requirements of building regulations. To wall using masonry ceramic bricks. Thermal insulation of the walls are made of basalt wool. As filling window openings used window systems with energy efficient windows.
The project is a country house in the classical style, provided the outer exterior decoration decorative plaster sand color. White highlighted line cornice, windows and columns supporting awnings over terrace and balcony. A similar representation can be done designing houses of large format concrete blocks.